Get Involved

First - Become a Member of Northwest Motorsports

Northwest Motorsports members meet in Spokane on the second Wednesday of the month. The meetings are a great opportunity to meet NWMS members and participate in discussions about the events, plans for future road racing in Spokane, and bench racing about great race events in the past. Contact us to confirm the time and place of the next meeting.

Join/renew online with our new membership page. Contact the membership chairman if you have questions.

Attend ICSCC Road Racing Events

Learn about the season points competition as racers challenge each other for the coveted ICSCC season championship. See the action on the track and close up in the pits. Check the ICSCC schedule to spectate at the most competitive road racing events in the North West.

Volunteer as a Race Official
The Race Officials Division of ICSCC is responsible for organizing, training, and licensing responsible individuals to act as officials and marshals at all racing events held under Conference sanction. Its primary goal is to provide the safest possible conditions for the holding of competition events by ensuring that properly trained and experienced personnel conduct and marshal all racing meets sanctioned by Conference. Race marshals, sometimes called corner workers or turn workers, are essential to motorsports. Events simply cannot go on without them. They are volunteers who are passionate about our sport. Some marshals get involved with the intention of ending up in the driver's seat, while others are happiest in a turn station, just a few feet from the action, an integral part of the race. To volunteer contact the Race Chairman.

Start Racing Autocross
If you have never raced before, autocross is the place to start. One of the primary attractions of autocross is that it is an inexpensive way to get involved in motorsports. The potential for car damage is low because of the low average speeds, lack of physical obstacles, and lack of wheel-to-wheel racing. For this reason, most autocross participants compete in "daily drivers," which is not the case in most other forms of motorsport. In Spokane, Autosports Northwest offers classes and instruction specifically for novice drivers. You will need a helmet, and Autosports Northwest has loaners for the novice. You don't need to be a member to give it a go, so why not?

Race in the ICSCC Novice Program
Any person 18 years of age or older who holds a valid state or provincial driver's license may apply to the ICSCC for a competition license. Also required are a physical examination and current membership in an ICSCC Member Club or Affiliate Club. The first step to earning your racing license is to take a Race Driver Training course. These are offered several times each year by Conference clubs: see the schedule for information on this year's dates and venues. Other racing schools may be recognized as well; if you are considering one and aren't sure whether it will earn you credit toward an ICSCC license, ask the License Director. More Information

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